About PCRI

The Packaging Clinic & Research Institute (PCRI) is an organisation of packaging professionals who were involved in teaching, research and service unit for diagnostic study to enhance the packaged shelf life of the product with cost optimization. Now, these professionals have dedicated to work independently through PCRI to contribute for the upliftment of Packaging standards in the Country and overseas.

•PCRI was established in early 2012 by Packaging Professionals to meet increasing demands for packaging research and will support to the related Institute, industry, community, society, university and Government agencies.

•PCRI provides packaging consultancy for package design and determination of shelf life of packaged products like as foods, Pharma & Cosmetics, Horticulture / Agro products and dangerous goods coming under IATA and IMDG manuals etc.

•PCRI conducts various packaging training programmes. The Packaging training is designed to create an opportunity for getting job and also as to become entrepreneur. Those who are accordingly graduate, undergraduate and Professionals from other trades, they can join the various PACKAGING TRAINING PROGRAMMES of PCRI.

Our Services

•Testing and Evaluation of Packaging materials, Packaging research.

•Storage / Shelf life study.

•Annual Packaging Audit for effective systems.

•To Conduct seminar, workshop and training in the field of Packaging.

•To lay down Packaging Specification with justification.

•In-plant training to Non Packaging professionals.

•Train the trainer programme in packaging / Executive development programme towards services for preparing and delivering articles and research projects. 

•To collaborate with International Research Centers and International specialists for doing packaging research projects.

•To Support National and International Packaging Exhibition.

•To publish Packaging Clinic Journal.

•To associate with Awaaz-the voice consumer.

•To support Packaging Club members for Social work.

•To work for employment for Packaging trained professional from PCRI.

•To work for promotion of Indian Packaging Industry.


•To promote the fundamentals of Packaging for pleasant life in the Society.

•To work for minimising the wastage which occurs due to poor Packaging

•To enhance the Packaging Brand of the company through philosophic treatment.

•To clarify with justification about agreements and differences among the several Packaging Suppliers and Packaging Users.

•To Promote the  philosophy of PACKAGING education in every walk of life.

•To promote Packaging Industry for upliftment of Packaging Standards of the Society to cultivate fruitful relationships between Packaging Professionals and Non-Packaging Professionals.

•To encourage promising students in the field of philosophy of education to concentrate on Packaging Research.

•To establish the link between Institute & Govt. Sector, Institute and Industries.